Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mitch Daniels Fails Ethanol Test

I previously posted with some gusto about Mitch Daniels, endorsing him as a potential candidate. I have also said that ethanol should be a litmus test for Presidential candidates. Sadly, I find that Mitch Daniels has been a big supporter of ethanol.
The production and transportation of ethanol uses more energy than ethanol yields. State and Federal ethanol subsidies cost American taxpayers billions, while increasing the price of fuel at the pump and lowering the mileage of consumers' vehicles.
. . .
Mitch Daniels is a forthright defender; since he became Governor of Indiana, the number of ethanol plants in his state have risen from one to thirteen and he set a goal of producing 1 billion gallons of the stuff.

This is a big problem with litmus tests, because Daniels does so well in other ways. If he were to move against ethanol in a meaningful way before the Iowa caucuses, I could support him. Right now I'm not sure.

Makes more sense than paying to convert it to ethanol.


  1. Major bummer as I really like Mitch Daniels.

  2. B-Daddy: I have come to the conclusion that each and every GOP candidate is going to be quite disappointing in some form or fashion. The trick is, I think, to select the one whose flaws are best dealt with my an informed and engaged bunch of citizen activists.

    In other words, if Daniels is the type to back-off on corn subsidies when citizens tell him loud and often "no", then that is a mitigating factor.

    For example, he just said "no" to funding planned parenthood.

    I am a Democrat. My key hope is that there will be a primary challenger for Obama. At this point, should Obama be the candidate, I am prepared to vote for Elmer Fudd if that is the Republican. Just send me the best person you can find -- it is all I ask. (PS. I really, really want Sarah Palin).

  3. Dean, SarahB,

    I am coming to the same conclusion. I thought Gingrich's support of ethanol disqualified him, maybe not, but I have a visceral negative reaction to him on personal, moral grounds.
    WRT Palin, as much as I like her on a personal level, I am not a supporter. Her decision to resign as Governor didn't help, but I wouldn't be a supporter anyway. I hope she runs, drops out early and then uses her platform to pummel Obama.

  4. All of these guys (in the GOP field) have serious problems like this. For me this is a game changer and like you say here, truly shows his philosophy.

    Where is a Tea Partier to go in 2012?

    Right now, I'm sayin' Cain and Johnson.

  5. Of those who are obviously running, Cain is the only one I can stomach...the question is, can he perform in a political setting? I still fantasize about McDonnell running. But I'm worried it's going to be like having to choose between wimpy Poizner and liberal Whitman all over again (sigh).

  6. I like Elmer Fudd, maybe he can help those wascally wepublicans.

    As much as I like Palin, I dont think she would handle the press pressure.