Monday, February 8, 2010

Quote of the Week

Jay Cost takes on the current liberal meme that "America is Ungovernable." He argues the correct historical perspective that the Constitution of these United States built a process intended to thwart change that lacked broad consensus. From his article

It's not accurate to blame this [failure to pass cap and trade/Obamacare] on the Republicans. From Arlen Specter's defection to Scott Brown's swearing in, Democrats had total control over the policy-making process. The only recourse the Republicans had was the First Amendment. They used it well, but don't let it be said that the President lacked access to it. Given Mr. Obama's bully pulpit and his omnipresence on the national stage, his voice has been louder than anybody's. If Mr. Obama has lost the public debate to the beleaguered rump that is the congressional GOP, he has nobody to blame but himself.
Exactly. The President took office with a huge store of good will. Instead of finding programs or approaches on which to build a consensus, he chose a rigid ideological approach that has not served him well. Unless he changes course his policies will continue to languish.


  1. How can that be when Mr. Chairman, excuse me, I mean the president, states emphatically that he is NOT an ideologue???

  2. There are words and there are actions Mr. Paul.