Sunday, November 29, 2009

Random Thoughts

The real crime in the East Anglia climategate scandal, (BwD coverage here, Scratching Post here) is that now we may never know the truth. The raw data for 150 years has been DELETED. I continue to believe that global warming is man made, but there is no way anyone can be sure because the scientists paid with taxpayer money had a political agenda and appear to have deliberately distorted the data and even the computer code used for predictions. Further, and more importantly, we can not have a reasoned debate over the impact of global warming. The impact debate is a more important debate, in my view, because global warming is likely something we can live with and doesn't require drastic changes to our economy. I hope some of the researchers face legal trouble for their shenanigans.

Dean also points out the hypocrisy of the New York Times not publishing the email excerpts because they were obtained illegally. The NYT has standards you know, they only publish illegally obtained documents that will damage national security.

Why are the Dem's boasting that their health care reform won't increase the deficit? This headline provides a clue:

Health care bills would raise taxes well before changes roll out

Americans could pay billions of dollars more in new taxes for a few years before they're likely to see significant change in the nation's health care system under legislation that Congress is considering.
I can't find a graph showing taxes vs revenues under the Senate bill, so any reader link would be appreciated. But another way of looking at health care reform is that it is just a tax increase with an IOU on benefits down the road.

As linked in HotAir, the person of interest in the Washington police shooting, had his sentence commuted by Mike Huckabee when he was governor of Arkansas. I remember commenting during the 2008 campaign that his pardons and commutations as governor showed a serious lack of judgment that disqualified him for President. This may be too much for Huckabee's presidential ambitions.


  1. /agree

    Even though I don't believe in AGW, let alone believe that a rising temp is BAD, it still pisses me off to see this perversion of science.

    Worse, they're not the only ones. Maybe this will drail the puss-pocket in science....

    As sad as it is to think about such things so soon after those poor cops were shot, I hope it will keep him away. Guy worries me.

  2. B-Daddy, with respect to the Obamacare cost projections, try this: