Thursday, July 30, 2009

Injustice Updated

Over at BwD, Dean is full righteous throe against the injustice heaped on Lucia Whalen over the whole Gatesgate incident. I couldn't agree more. Typical of the left to crucify "the little people" they are supposed to love. Just a couple of additional thoughts.

The reaction of the left wing blogosphere to Lucia Whalen is a typical outpouring of bile and hatred from the left wing hate machine. Notice how the left always accuses the right of hatred, but when there is a "teachable moment" all we ever learn is that the left loves character assassination of every day Americans who are just doing the right thing.

And here's a sample of the left wing vitriol you'll find towards Lucia Whalen. Click here if you can stomach reading their bile. Note the little Maoist/Stalinist call for re-education at the bottom of that post. Can we all stop pretending that the left isn't linked spiritually and culturally to communist and nazi style tyranny?

And where's her beer, dang it? Why do the two jackasses get some bubbly, but not Lucia?

Why do I say two jackasses? One mouthed off to a police officer; the other arrested a man inside his own home for disturbing the peace.

In the comments, Foxfier correctly points out what I said in my own post two days ago. Professor Gates was not arrested in his own home, but outside of it. I still think the officer was a jackass not to just let it go after it was determined that Gates was the home owner. I also think it is telling that the police dropped the charges before all the brouhaha. Thanks for commenting and keeping us honest on this blog.


  1. Dude, he didn't get arrested until he followed the cop outside and kept yelling, in front of half a dozen civies.

    If you still think he's an ass, fine, but please don't spread the misinformation that he was arrested "inside his own home."

  2. Foxfier, thanks for the correction. I will research and make amends if need be.

  3. Partial copies of the police report are copied/linked here.

    Everyone is saying he was arrested "in his own home." I don't watch TV news, but I'm guessing that's what the talking heads are saying, too; I know a lot of the blogs are saying it. Just know you don't do "fake but accurate" so it's worth speaking up.

    My favorite link from that first link:
    another guy who got arrested in Cambridge musing that, hey, he deployed that grand phrase: "Yo mama!" He guesses the cops don't like that. ;^p

  4. Also it has been reported, since there was two men in the initial call, the officer had every right to be distracted and/ or fear for the his own safety and the safety of Professor Plum.