Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Card Check - Again.

It's day 50 of the Obama administration and we're seeing a spate of socialist ideas put forward. The latest abomination is called Card Check. Tom Harkin called a press conference today to announce introduction of this odious piece of legislation designed to make it easier to intimidate workers into joining unions. For many years, the United States has been a leading proponent of freedom world wide, emphasizing that unions should be allowed secret ballots around the world. But for some reason that's not good enough for our home grown Stalinist wanna-bes like Harkin. From the linked article:
Democrats respond that secret ballots play into the hands of corporate anti-labor campaigns because secret-ballot elections cost more and are more time consuming for unions who must often compete with companies with deeper pockets.
Here's a pop quiz: What do you call a regime that changes the rules of elections until it gets the results it wants? A dictatorship. Essentially the Democrat argument is that since unions haven't been winning elections, the rules should be changed, and hey who needs elections anyway, when we know the result that we want. This move was certainly predictable and predicted.

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