Sunday, April 17, 2011

Local Roundup - UPDATE

We've had an interesting week for Tea Party types here in San Diego. First, more great news on the pensions front. The U-T Watchdog is reporting on "second pension" payments that are structured to avoid bans on excessive payouts by IRS regulation. Lest you leap to the conclusion that this illegal, note this:
Congress set limits on benefits to keep pension funds from becoming tax shelters for the rich, but the IRS has set up ways for public employers to legally pay what it calls “excess benefits.” The limits vary depending on age; the maximum for a retiree age 62 to 65, for example, is $195,000.
What we find disturbing of course, is that some city pensioners are so well compensated that their pay exceeds these limits. The official defense retired pay calculator shows that a four star admiral who retires after 40 years receives only makes $175,000 per year. Please explain what position with the city of San Diego carries similar responsibility. Meanwhile I understand why the city feels obligated to pay the pensions this way.
“So long as we have an obligation to pay these benefits, we are going to follow the law,” Goldstone said. “If someone else wants to challenge whether we are legally obligated to pay, that’s a separate issue. That’s all we’re trying to do is follow the law.”

Atlas Shrugged opened hear in San Diego and word on the street is that many local Tea Partyers and bloggers were in attendance. Family obligations prevented Mrs. Daddy and me from attending. Good review and bad review. No reviews yet from SLOBs in attendance.

This is tax weekend, with the IRS due date being shifted to Monday, due to Emancipation Day in DC on Saturday the 16th. Don't follow that logic? Then make government in charge of as little as possible. Sarah Bond alerted us to a great article on Friday's Tax protests in Oceanside written by Kimberly Dvorak. Ted Hayes quote.
Hayes, who has his own radio program and website talks a lot about the black guilt this country continues to feel. “We have been bamboozled by the Democratic leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who continue to give us more Jim Crow politics. We need to stop following their welfare agenda. Name me a nation that’s perfect?"
American Power blog also has excellent coverage and pictures. Looking forward to a great protest at the main post office on Midway in San Diego.

Meanwhile, right after I posted on California Republicans' image problem, we get more idiocy from Republicans. Left Coast Rebel is calling for the canning of Marilyn Davenport, OC Republican distributing a picture of Obama as coming from an ape family. Additionally, I note the use of a confederate flag at the Mission Viejo Tax Rally. Time to take a hard line on racist imagery. Folks with racist messaging need to be shamed out of our movement.


Winner for first SLOB to review Atlas Shrugged goes to Shane.

I neglected to mention that LCR has pictures from the Oceanside Tea Party rally.



    my thoughts

  2. Just wondering why protest. Protesting has clearly not worked.

    It seems to me it is time for peopleto get smart and take the issues to the courts. If everyone put that energy into bringing criminal charges against the individual bureaucrats for Perjury to their Oath, Extortion, and Racketeering it seems to me the system would pretty much implode from the hoards of complaints and the will of the people would find findly be found in the Jury. The courts are the proper battle ground for redress and remedy in Law. We need an army of people utilizing the Courts. I mean a surge of all tea partiers and libs who feel they are in all out danger from the Corporate State. Tea Partiers are new to protesting. The libs have been protesting for decades to no avail. Protesting will not work here.

    Our problems are much deeper here. We have an international cartel of criminals who have usurped the power of creating money and with the Libya situation the bankers and globalists have now officially usurped the command of the US military. This is 21st century warfare on the United States and the world. We need to take it to the courts because we are all in danger. Article 1 Section 10 and Article 5 of the US Constitution provide a proper path to resolution. Considering the fact that Fractional Reserve Banking is unlawful and is by mathematical law gauranteed to fail we should be able to articulate the matter relatively easily to a Jury.

    We can not expect the American people to wake up in mass. The nature of this warfare is too sophisticated for the General populace to comprehend. It literally takes at least a decade of Solid researchto gain a clear comprehension of those involved where they came from and what there published plans are. I have done alot of protesting and alot of research and I do not protest anymore because I know for a fact that it will not work. A republic is about wisdom prevailing the governing of a society. That is exactly why have 3 branchesof government. The court is the place to be. The protests are actually kind of silly and they are a mechanism for divide and conquer. The court has a captiveaudience with Supreme Power!

    What do you think about this

  3. Thanks for the round-up on local goings on. I'm deliriously tired from the weekend...but I was a productive one. TONS of media coverage to remind San Diego and our lawmakers that the tea party movement is alive and well here...and that we have plenty of stamina for the coming tax battle with the Governor.

    @ Anonymous...protesting has it's place in an overall strategy of staying a relevent player for the attention of our lawmakers. Consider it cheap advertising. We do much, much more behind the scenes.